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Just describe the idea and tell the world about your project.

We need to know the listed aspects of the project in order to evaluate it and decide whether it is suitable for the program.

We give preferences to startups based on the Deep Tech, Fintech, Bio Tech, and foll Blockchain platform but also accept projects that work with other blockchains.

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The Problem

Which tasks will the project solve? How these tasks are being solved now?

The Main Concept

How will you solve the tasks? Why your solutions are better than existing?

The Audience

For whom is the project for? Could your evaluate the market size and the volume of demand?

Your Needs

What kind of help do you need and why? How do you intend to use the received resources?

Switzerland and Germany Acceleration Made from

The SOFT-PROFI© Network combines the best acceleration programs in Switzerland and Germany.
We provide funding for projects based on Deep Tech, FinTech, Bio Tech and Blockchain platform
As TONTECH©Foundation Partner, we are connecting and fostering the Innovation Ecosystem in Switzerland and helping it to scale internationally.

Decentralized Platform

TON Accelerated program based of Decentralization platform system in lower-level components operate on local information to accomplish global goals.

Swiss Business Place

The strategic location makes Switzerland a good place for your business’s headquarter or distribution center.

The Stable Economy

Its long-term monetary security and political stability have made Switzerland a safe haven for investors and businesses people.

Swiss Direct Democracy

Direct democracy is one of the special features of the Swiss political system. Starting a business in Switzerland is a fairly simple process and the setup takes a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of your business.

Swiss Open Source

Open source development remain healthy due to safety specialization in certain areas of software development and strong defended intellectual property not only in Switzerland but all the World.

Swiss Development Hub

SOFT-PROFI© Accelerated is a Swiss-wide, multi-stakeholder initiative created from the shared vision of its over 154 members to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading development hub.

Reliable partnership with SOFT-PROFI© always ensures success!

The events, coworking and acceleration ecosystem focused on exponential technologies.

Swiss Startup Acceleration Ecosystem for supporting promising companies.

The leading Swiss financing platform connecting Startups, Investors and Corporates.

SICTIC connects smart money investors to Swiss seed and early-stage tech startups.

The venture capital arm of Swisscom AG, the leading telecom and ICT provider in Switzerland.

Funding for projects based on TON and other blockchain platforms.

Innosuisse’s role is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland.

The Swiss Venture Club is a non-profit association for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland.

The online platform for young entrepreneurs, innovators and supporters that increases the visibility of young Swiss companies.


The modern startup ecosystem is at your disposal

The SOFT-PROFI© community is the gateway to the world of exponential technologies. Connecting entrepreneurs, corporates and investors under one roof and accelerating businesses in areas such as Blockchain, Healthcare, IoT, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The lounge is always open to the public during business hours. Next to the lake and at the heart of the city of Zürich, come and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, cold beer, or shaken martini and meet the players driving the technology of tomorrow.

Flex Desk

A fully-furnished solution in an open space designed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

24/7 access
High-speed wifi
Hub & meeting rooms
Network printer

Fix Desk

A dedicated desk solution in an open space, including access to private lockers.

24/7 access
High-speed wifi
Hub & meeting rooms

Private Office

Ideal for businesses that prefer their own space, allowing teams to hyper focus.

24/7 access
Private shelves
Domicile Service

Startup DAYs by Startup INVEST

Startup INVEST is the leading Swiss financing platform connecting Startups, Investors and Corporate industry leaders

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